Trevor Hollins, PE, IALD, LC, LEED AP

Lighting Studio Director

“Lighting design within the healthcare environment is extremely important. Properly illuminated spaces can improve the speed and accuracy of tasks performed by healthcare providers. Thoughtful application of illumination reinforces the atmosphere of healing and can offer some peace in what is by its nature a stressful experience for patients and their families.”

Trevor brings a wealth of experience to the role of Lighting Studio Director. For the past 22 years Trevor has focused on the study of the transformative interaction of light and architecture. He is a passionate advocate for the ability of light to improve the human condition. He understands the ability of lighting to affect positive outcomes in a healthcare setting and how to balance the precise visual needs of providers while creating an environment that improves the patient experience and is supportive of patient recovery. This experience has been applied to a wide range of healthcare projects from small remodels and additions, small regional hospitals, new medical office buildings and replacement hospitals to large, complex remodels on healthcare campuses. Trevor’s experience spans from healthcare into government, education, and commercial projects. His lighting design experience also includes unique experience designing lighting solutions for complex structures such as museums, art installations, bridges and building exteriors. From the beginning of a project, Trevor works closely with clients and the project design team to understand the client’s needs and to support the design vision while also working to maximize design functionality through the use of intuitive controls, integration with building systems, selection of sustainable materials, increased energy efficiency, reduced first cost, and long-term lighting system maintainability.


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