New Hire

SES Welcomes Senior Engineer John Martin, PE


Healthcare Engineering is always changing and there is always a challenge.  Once you start talking to the owner, nurses and other stakeholders, you get a deeper understanding of what they are wanting or trying to do. It really drives me to incorporate their objectives and goals into our design to create environments that are efficient, quiet, and safe. Then, if we do our job correctly, it should go unnoticed to the users.

As a Senior Mechanical Engineer, John has a long history of designing building systems that are client specific and perform as designed.  He has been involved in the design of a variety of building types from large federal office buildings, commercial buildings, technology buildings, and healthcare facilities.  He has 32 years of focused design experience in healthcare environments. John’s design work includes everything from radiology equipment replacements, small remodels and additions to small regional hospitals, new medical office buildings and replacement hospitals to large, complex remodels on healthcare campuses within occupied floors and departments.  John has worked with a range of clients such as Mayo Clinic, Methodist Health System, Heartland Regional Medical Center, Sparrow Health System, UP Health System, Hospital Corporation of America, Dialysis Clinic, Inc., University of Michigan Hospital, and West Virginia University Medicine.

John has seen a lot of change in the building systems industry, and he enjoys using new technology unavailable just a few years ago to create new systems or enhance old systems to offer the best-performing environment to accomplish the goals of the client.

Specialized Engineering Solutions (SES) is committed to fulfilling the demands, expertise and rapidly-changing needs healthcare building construction requires. Our innovative team is agile, quick to present solutions and trained in the specialized systems our clients require in their facilities.

The SES engineering team of professionals has the technical knowledge, diagnostic tools and healthcare experience to deliver quality-focused, value-driven solutions, ensuring maximized operating performance and energy savings solutions for our clients.