Kaiser Permanente Acero Medical Office Building

New Medical Office Building


The Kaiser Permanente Acero Medical Office Building was built to offer more services throughout the Southern Colorado region and improve health care access for residents and businesses. The building offers primary care, specialty care, laboratory, pharmacy and routine medical services.

The main project goal was to provide a cost competitive building while meeting the requirement of a full-service clinic. In addition, Kaiser Permanente wanted to expand its front porch where the building can be accessible to the public. Due to its high construction cost in this region, the owner, contractor, and architect were collaborative in the cost saving approaches. It was also important for the engineers to dive deep into mechanical and electrical solutions for facility maintenance.

Kaiser Permanente Aceo Medical Office Building officially achieved LEEDv4 Gold Certification in February 2021.

Kaiser Permanent Acero
Kaiser Permanente Acero






Fire Protection




Kaiser Permanente





Building Size

8,200 SF


LEED-Kaiser Pueblo

Sustainable Attributes:

  • The project earned all 18 energy performance points by demonstrating an outstanding 74.3% energy cost savings.
  • 69.51% of the total energy cost is offset with the renewable energy generated by the onsite 40.2 kW PV system.
  • The project team incorporated over 40 materials that carry Environmental Product Declarations earning the project an exemplary performance credit. The project also earned all the low emitting materials points  – both of which are impressive for an early adopter of the LEEDv4 rating system!