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Specialized Engineering Solutions (SES) provided full-service engineering for a two-room Isabella Santos Foundation MIBG suite, which included a lead-lined patient room and an anteroom for parents and caregivers. These treatment suites will provide targeted radiation to pediatric neuroblastoma patients. In addition, the availability of this room will allow for research studies aimed at testing the effectiveness of early MIBG treatment regimens. Levine Children’s Hospital is now 1 of 20 hospitals (and the first in the region) to have a MIBG Treatment room.

The design called for the conversion of two side-by-side patient rooms on the 11th floor of the pediatric oncology unit into a 244 square foot patient room and a 250 square foot parent room. A nearby Hot Lab, where the treatments are prepared reduces travel time to the patient and the risk of radiation to others.

The room is an actual Suite with a separate space where a child’s family can stay overnight.  If parents were to stay in the same room with their child, they would be exposed to large amounts of radiation. This new design reduces the risk by having an adjacent “parent room” allowing family members to stay close to their beloved child. A lead lined window and a fully HEPA filtered Suite allows them to always have a view for monitoring and with the installation of a video system they can play games together and have fun family moments during a stressful time.

Levine Children's MIBG

In the parent room, a window with 1/4″ leaded glass, provides parents visual contact with their child during treatments.





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Project Size

2,500 SF


Levine Children's MIBG
Levine Children's MIBG
Levine Children's MIBG