Levine Cancer Center MIBG Treatment Suites

Project Info

Client Atrium Health, LITTLE
Construction Cost $3,000,000
Size 2,500 SF

Project Description

Specialized Engineering Solutions (SES) provided full-service engineering for a two-room Isabella Santos Foundation MIBG suite, which will include a lead-lined patient room and an anteroom for parents and caregivers. These treatment suites will provide targeted radiation to pediatric neuroblastoma patients. In addition, the availability of this room will allow for research studies aimed at testing the effectiveness of early MIBG treatment regimens. Levine Children’s Hospital will now be 1 of 20 hospitals (and the first in the region) to have a MIBG Treatment room in the U.S.

WHAT IS MIBG? MIBG, called Meta-iodobenzylguanidine, is a compound that can be combined with radioactive iodine to deliver targeted radiation therapy. MIBG can be used to treat high-risk neuroblastoma, a tumor that beings in nerve tissue in infants and young children. MIBG is administered to a child through an intravenous line and absorbed by tumor cells, which are killed by radiation emitted by the radioactive MIBG. This therapy destroys tumors while sparing normal, healthy tissue. MIBG therapy is generally more effective, less painful requires less time in the hospital than other treatment options, and is administered with little to no side effects. More information can be found at https://isabellasantosfoundation.org/mibg-treatment/.