Atrium Health Northeast Campus 3B Observation Floor

Project Info

Client RDM Architects
Construction Cost $2,670,000
Size 12,700 SF

Project Description

Atrium Health’s Northeast campus emergency and observation spaces have experienced increased demand over the last few years, developing a need for a dedicated short-term observation space. A transition offices and storage area, once used as a children’s patient floor, was earmarked as a good location for a 30-bed short-term observation space. The existing space utilized a fan coil system with dedicated air hander on the rooftop penthouse that was at the end of its life. The space presented physical floor-to-floor constraints and needed a complete mechanical system replacement along with the planned architectural fit-up.

The existing fan coil system serving the space was aged, and per North Carolina code did not have the proper filtration requirements. In addition, the fan coil system required considerable servicing and the fan coil units were intrusively located within the patient rooms. The existing structure also contributed to the use of a fan coil system as ceiling space was at a premium. The solution was to replace the existing outside air handler serving the fan coils as well as the fan coils themselves with a new VAV air handler and medium pressure duct distribution to keep ductwork sizes small.

The project was successful in providing a new, less service-intensive, more comfortable, and quieter mechanical system for both the hospital, patients, and staff.