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Kubicek Receives HFDP Certification

Kubicek Receives ASHRAE HFDP Certification

Todd Kubicek, PE, has been hard at work this past year gearing up for ASHRAE’s Healthcare Facility Design Professional Certification (HFDP). We are proud to announce that Todd recently earned his certification.

“As an engineer I strive to incorporate the unique standards, codes, and design requirements necessary for successful healthcare facility design. These key design components are part of the core elements tested in the HFDP examination,” says Kubicek.

The Value of Certification

Developed with the participation of the American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE) of the American Hospital Association, the HFDP certification validates competency to incorporate standards, guidelines, and regulatory codes as well as unique healthcare facility requirements and design principles in HVAC system design. Currently there are only 312 HFDP certified professionals worldwide. With Todd’s recent certification, there are now eight in Nebraska, four of which work at Specialized Engineering Solutions (SES).

“This certification helps illustrate the quality of work and design SES is capable of in the healthcare industry,” says Kubicek.

Since the firm’s beginnings in 2005, SES has worked hard to earn and maintain a reputation for leadership in specialized systems design. ASHRAE certification programs help to reinforce that reputation.

About SES

Specialized Engineering Solutions is committed to fulfilling the demands, expertise, and rapidly-changing needs healthcare building construction requires. Our team is agile, solutions-oriented, and trained in the specialized systems our clients require in their facilities.

Our engineering team has the technical knowledge, diagnostic tools, and healthcare experience to deliver quality-focused, value-driven solutions that maximize operating performance and energy savings for our clients.