Jessica Graham

Director of Operations

“Administrative Coordinators and Quality Reviewers are the backbone of any organization.  We are the people who check that every i is dotted and every T is crossed.  It Is with skilled intention, effort, direction, and execution that we ensure a comprehensible and exceptional deliverable to our clients.”

Jessica began her career as a file clerk in the basement of a growing engineering firm, and quickly transitioned into an administrative role supporting the engineering staff in their day-to-day operations. In her need for more professional development and responsibility, she sought quality mentors and training to assist her in learning all aspects of the consulting engineering world. Using her knowledge and having worked previously with SES Leadership, she joined SES in 2005 and was able to jump in wherever they needed. As SES grew, so did she.  Serving as the Director of Operations has allowed her the flexibility to expand her professional development and responsibility while being adaptable to the growing needs of the industry. Leading the Operations Team, she assists the Engineering Staff in providing quality documents and excellent customer service while looking for better processes and procedures to better serve our clients.