Engineering Patient Care.

SES was established with the knowledge that exceptional healthcare design starts with a dynamic, healthcare-specific approach to optimize all resources to deliver an adaptable, efficient and sustainable solution. SES is committed to offering mechanical, electrical, critical power, life safety, medical gas, and technology systems engineering to our clients in the Healthcare Industry. In addition to our extensive Healthcare Code Expertise we have certifications through the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), American Society of Healthcare Engineering (ASHE) and many other healthcare governing agencies to afford you the confidence and peace-of-mind that your healthcare facility will operate safely and reliably.

Select Healthcare Work

Patient Centered Care

The whole reason for designing a healthcare facility is to provide a quality environment in which healthcare professionals can deliver quality care to the patient. Codes and regulations notwithstanding, it is still the duty of the design team to interpret and apply the regulations in a meaningful way to create the physical space for caregivers to do their job. As your MEP we work within the space to effectively deliver mechanical, electrical and low voltage systems to make the space function. Just as the floor plan may represent the physical body, the MEP systems are the internal network that delivers air, water, power and other essential systems in the most appropriate way to assure patient care, comfort and safety. SES continues to stay abreast of healthcare practices and applies appropriate technology to benefit the patient care experience.

Bio Containment Unit Engineering

SES has specialized expertise with Bio Containment Units to provide a full spectrum of care, from quarantine to intensive treatment. These are designed to handle everything from smallpox, SARS and avian influenza to the Ebola virus.

Healthcare Expertise

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