Continued Education

In order to keep healthcare facilities up-to-date with the latest design and technology, it is important that our Engineers specialize in different designs – one of those specializations is Medical Gas Systems. Ryan Hempel recently joined Sarah Toy and Todd Kubicek in receiving the ASSE 6005 Certification. In order to obtain this certification you are required to complete over 30 hours of course work. Acquiring the ASSE 6005 Certification provides engineers with advanced knowledge of Medical Gas Systems and how to best design them to fit the needs of our clients.


Sarah, Ryan, and Todd felt this certification was necessary to understand NFPA 99 and medical gas system design at a more focused and intuitive level. Having this added knowledge has assisted them in providing exceptional value to our healthcare clients and provides leadership among their peers.


Without our team of engineers obtaining extra certifications in specialty designs, we would not be able to provide clients with the latest in innovative solutions and technology. We strive to empower our engineers to be the best in the industry by providing them with the tools and time to specialize in specific mechanical and electrical equipment.


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